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The reason for our growth is long-term partnerships. Our clients come back to us because our campaigns and content achieve higher results.

We create campaigns based on:

  • market sizing to identify growth audiences,
  • construct content using our scientific approach to maximize video-completion & retention rates,
  • spread the message in less competitive unexploited channels, platforms & communities advertisements,
  • adopt agile methodology to listen, learn and improve.
  • from beginning to the end, statistics and data are the key for success,
  • build continuous viral loops from awareness to sales. 


Create Supply from Demand. That is how we started.

From being asked to create minor commissioned video projects, to a full fledged agency covering strategy, content production, advertising & tech development across 2 regions. All within 3 years. 

Our vision is to fashion an interactive & personalized Media & Advertising Industry. 




In5 Media Innovation Center, IMPZ, Dubai


Bergmanstr. 101,
10961, Berlin


Buechnerstr. 21
8006, Zurich

Street Life | Data Driven Content & Advertising

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Street Life is a community of explorers, eager to (un)cover the marvels of the globe. A community of pathfinders, riddle solvers, story tellers, culture police.

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Street Life is founded on the principle to ‘earn while traveling’. Our community are not only documenting their journeys by creating content, but converting this content into bookable travel experiences. Where you earn commissions from your content, transportation, accommodation and attractions. Let’s make travel a paid profession. 

The most beautiful stories which make neighborhoods, let alone cities, unique and memorable are the ones overheard. Those micro pockets of happenings, unspoken places, hidden eateries, bespoke bars… Neighborhoods, places & actives where subcultures live and breathe. The places lived by locals. The authentic city life.

Born in 2019, after a year long backpacking trip, the founders were frustrated falling for ‘tourism traps’. Overpriced, impersonalized, & non-authentic activities. They questions, imagine you had the gateway, the tool to have access to thousands of authentic local insider tips and could, seamlessly, create your own tours to find each neighborhoods secret ingredient?

Over the years, Street Life has built a community of 70’000 independent explorers. Who share their findings with the world. An ecosystem of more content, greater access to local experiences, and better personalization. 

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Fabian Dagostin
Fabian Dagostin
CEO / Founder
Read More
My main passions in life? Definitely travel, tech, and conceptualising startup ventures. As a founder of 3 companies to-date, I love sharing some of my insights, hacks and learnings.
Christoph Scheuerman
Christoph Scheuerman
Read More
I am a computer freak by heart and a global nomad by nature. I'm very fortunate to have followed my passion; left Munich to work aboard and explore voice recognition, machine learning, and other diverse technologies.
Nesrin Khieschman
Nesrin Khieschman
Creative Director
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Interestingly, I am an award-winning German architect. But I simply love creating scenes & scenarios that trick the eye. It turns out I love contributing my structural creativity on everything design related - whether it be film, mobile designs and constructions.
Lavesh Panjwani
Lavesh Panjwani
Read More
I have been coding since I am 10 years old. I would not say its my mother tongue, but definitely my second language. Building innovative technology and solving challenging problems is what I love.
Kip Sarapas
Kip Sarapas
Read More
Let's create the future of exploration.
David Ojeda
David Ojeda
Head of Content
Read More
By day I am a film maker, by night I am a rock star. I successfully made my passions a living and my living a passion. Im in 4 bands, one signed to Warners Music! While my musical evolve, so do my video expertise.
Hanna Wojtyniak
Hanna Wojtyniak
Copy Writter
Read More
I love urban culture, music and travel. Researching & writing about things that come naturally makes me happy! So much is happening within the Middle East. But finding local stories, secrets and trends are still my most challenging yet rewarding tasks.
Mel Abrera
Mel Abrera
Read More
I love making music, street and travel videos. Pushing culture is one of my main desires! Creating authentic content that people resonate with makes me proud.


Our motto, never stop exploring your interests or discovering your passions. 

Street Life is creating a new era of exploration.


Download the Street Life App on Apple App and/or Google Play Store and register!
Create your tour by either uploading your existing content directly through our app or by using Street Life's camera feature to create the tour content on foot.
Once your 'Pro Tour' is live, Street Life will sell & operate the tours for you. Sit back, do what you enjoy most, with your new passive income.



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